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Design By A. Alhazred

Design By A. Alhazred

Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in another part of the building…

PHIL: So this is where they keep the new Powerbooks with Intel processors?

STEVE: Not exactly.

STEVE: This is the observation room. The new Powerbooks are actually kept in an adjoining room. When I give the word, my compatriots will open an aperture in the wall separating us from the Powerbooks, and their image will be displayed on the opposing wall.

MARK: What, like a pinhole camera?

STEVE: Precisely.

MARK: Why don’t you just show us the Powerbooks?

STEVE: For your own safety. We’re still working out a few kinks in the design…

MARK: What kind of kinks?

STEVE: Well, looking at it directly apparently causes a small percentage of the population to go stark raving mad.

ALEX: What percentage is that?

STEVE: Approximately the percentage of the population we’ve allowed to look at it directly.

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