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Escaping Judgement

Escaping Judgment
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Mark? What are you doing??? If the Boss catches you wandering around before you finish documenting Binky, you’re going to be in worse trouble than you are now!

MARK: No worries. I’m done. Binky’s wanted to d some tech writing for a long time, so I let him document himself.

ALEX: You… what? Uh, wont’ the Boss notice that your writing style is a little… different?

MARK: I’m counting on it.

DOCUMENTATION: Hey, Skipper! Welcome to Binky’s documentation! I’m going to show you just how fun and keen and neat that Binky can be! Turn the page to learn more about the exciting and neat world of IntelliProzac (TM) Technology…

BOSS: He snapped. I pushed him too far, and he snapped.

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