Dial 5 For Law5uit

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Comic Transcript

RECORDING: Welcome to MobileTech’s information and support hotline. If you are looking for technical support for a MobileTech product, please press “one” now. If you want to speak to one of our sales representatives, please press “two” now. For all other inquiries, please press “three.”

(Beeping sound)

RECORDING: Please wait while we redirect your call.

RECORDING: Your business is very important to us. Thank you for your patience.

RECORDING: Due to an unusually heavy influx of calls, we are unable to answer your call at this moment. One of our representatives will take your call at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your patience.

RECORDING: MobileTech is dedicated to a positive user–

VOICE: MobileTech, good morning! How can I help you today?

ALICE: Yes, hello, we’d like to sue your company?

VOICE: Hold please.

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