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Can’t Win for Losing

Can't Win for Losing
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Comic Transcript

TROLLTECH: Hello, this is Troll Tech technical support.

RICHARD STALLMAN: Hi, this is Richard Stallman. While I’m very happy you’ve decided to release the QT libraries under the GNU General Public License, I’m afraid I’m still going to have to write an article accusing the KDE desktop of being incompatible with the GPL… at least until you all beg for forgiveness.

TROLLTECH: I just don’t understand… what more do you want from us? Everyone is worried that if we get bought out by a hostile company, QT will disappear, so we create the FreeQT Foundation. That’s not good enough, so we distribute it under an open source license. That’s not good enough either, so we finally distribute it under the GPL. And still, you say we’re doing something wrong!

RICHARD STALLMAN: Groveling. You haven’t done enough groveling.

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