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It’s An Ensemble Thing

Comic Transcript

BOSS: While I do not believe you have intentionally caused Ubersoft any harm, your work has not met the standards expected by an Ubersoft employee.

PHIL: I don’t understand.

BOSS: Phil, we produce flawed software. We do so in order grind our customers spirits to dust, to plague them with misery for the rest of their days, all the while convincing them that they are satisfied customers.

BOSS: You were, once upon a time, brilliant at doing just that. You created Binky. You created the Ubersoft Genuine Software Update bug that would lock customers into an endless cycle of downloading and installing the same patch over and over again. You created the UberWordSoftPro printer crash bug!

BOSS: But now something has happened that has fundamentally diluted that brilliance. Now you are… you are…


PHIL: What?

BOSS: Stylish.

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