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Doppelganger, Day Four

Doppelganger, Day Four
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Comic Transcript

BOSS: This new foe… this foe called “Linux…” is strong. It is popular. It is adored by the press. But it shall not stand against me. I have fought strong foes in the past… and all have crumbled before my sight. I will learn about this thing, an exploit it, and turn its weaknesses upon itself, and leave it lying broken, behind me.

BOSS: We are what we are because I am who I am… and I say to you now that we will crush this new enemy, just as we have crushed all our enemies in the past… thus speaks MR. BUNNY, THE HOPPY COMPUTER GUY!

BOSS: That… doesn’t have the same ring as “The Dark Lord of Ubersoft,” does it?

MALE UBERTHUG: No, sir, it really doesn’t.

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