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Son of the Birth of Binky, Part 2

Son of the Birth of Binky, Part 2
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: The Dark Lord of Ubersoft is adding more to the story of Binky’s “birth.”

BOSS: “It was late at night in the halls of Ubersoft. I was gliding through the halls of my empire when I came across three programmers lying on the floor in a drunken stupor.”


BOSS: “I looked at their computer. On it wa sa program… but it was more than a program. Much more.”

BOSS: With a program like this, I can turn legions of computer users into mindless zombies…

BOSS: “It was the most powerful weapon imaginable.”

BOSS: With a program like this, I CAN RULE THE WORLD!

DRUNKEN PROGRAMMER: Rule quietly, please? My liver doesn’t like loud noises, and right now I’m trying real hard not to make it angry…

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