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NARRATOR: Unions. Just my luck. Last thing in the world I wanted to get mixed up in, and I was about to get thrown straight into the deep end and told to swim for my life.

(IMAGE: Unions picketing.)

NARRATOR: I didn't have anything against them, personally, but in the end it was a sucker's game. When the guys with nothing band together, what do the guys with everything do? They buy the newspapers, the radio, and most of the politicians.

NARRATOR: They usually buy the police as well, but even if they can't do that they can always bring in the next best thing.

(IMAGE: Pinkerton National Detective Agency badge.)

NARRATOR: Everyone knew that unions were doomed from the start, and everyone was right--except for one case. One union--an organization hated and feared by every factory owner in America--one union not only survived, but prospered. Grew. Flourished.

NARRATOR: They called it the "Great North Union." And Dewalde was in it up to his ears.


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Seen and appreciated!  I didn

Seen and appreciated!  I didn't even get the "Great North Union" thing until I saw the acronym on the door....

PC Town! Yay!

PC Town! Yay!

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