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Comic Transcript

FIRST MAN: I’ll ask you one more time: what are you doing here, Mr. Nero?

JAKE NERO: I told you what I was doing before your boys started using my head as a doorstop. I have questions about a guy named Lenny DeWalde.

FIRST MAN: And why would we answer those questions, Mr. Nero? What’s he to you?

JAKE NERO: He’s a job to me. What’s he to you?

FIRST MAN: He’s a self-righteous pain in the neck, is what he is. But he’s our pain in the neck, and we don’t need you nosing around.

JAKE NERO: Well, my client does… and her argument is a lot more compelling.

FIRST MAN: Really? What argument is that?

JAKE NERO: Twenty five dollars a day plus expenses. Looks like one of those expenses will be a new hat.

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