A Complicated Guy

A Complicated Guy
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Comic Transcript

GOGGLES: So what do you want to know about Mr. Dewalde, Mr. Nero? He was a good customer. Good tipper.

JAKE NERO: That’s nice.

GOGGLES: Better tipper than you.

JAKE NERO: I could have guessed that. He have a lot of friends?

GOGGLES: Friends? Oh, yes, indeed. Everybody liked Mr. Dewalde.

JAKE NERO: What about enemies?

GOGGLES: Everybody hated him too.

JAKE NERO: He sounds like a complicated guy.

GOGGLES: He was involved in some complicated things. Not to mention dangerous things…

JAKE NERO: Like what? Booze? Women? Politics?

GOGGLES: Unions.

NARRATOR: I was in trouble.

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