Bona Fides

Bona Fides

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Comic Transcript

FIRST MAN: What’re you doing here, Mr. Nero?

JAKE NERO: Sitting in a chair, waiting for your fellow traveller to bring me my hat.

FIRST MAN: Funny guy. You a cop?

JAKE NERO: You read my card.

FIRST MAN: Cards are just words, Mr. Nero. You could have had that printed up special.

JAKE NERO: I did get it printed up special. I had to. It has my name on it.

FIRST MAN: Anyone ever tell you that mouth of yours will get you into a lot of trouble someday?

JAKE NERO: No, they usually just hit me. It does pretty much the same thing.


  1. I hope Jake isn’t going to spend as long in that chair as he did standing outside the building.

  2. His legs have got to be cramping up bad by now, and his head must be freezing.

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