Make Yourself Comfortable

Make Yourself Comfortable
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Comic Transcript

(Everything is dark.)

FIRST VOICE: Who’s this?

SECOND VOICE: We caught him snooping around outside. He was shouting something about Lenny.

FIRST VOICE: Well, which was it?

SECOND VOICE: Which was what?

FIRST VOICE: Snooping, or shouting? It can’t be both.

SECOND VOICE: Says you. I found this in his jacket.

FIRST VOICE: That’s an independent license, fat-head. That means he ain’t a Pinkerton.

SECOND VOICE: Maybe they hired him.

FIRST VOICE: Why would they hire a detective? They ARE detectives. Shut it and help me wake him up.

JAKE NERO: I’m awake. I just can’t see.

(The lights turn on. Jake is slumped in a chair, surrounded by three men.)

JAKE NERO: OK, you can turn it off again.

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