He Also Sells Maps

He Also Sells Maps
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: With a pain in my gut and a throbbing headache that I usually only associate with late nights, easy dames and cheap booze I dusted myself off, grabbed my hat, and set off to get some answers.

NARRATOR: I had plenty of questions. My list of questions was growing longer by the hour, but I didn’t have any way to put those questions in perspective. I needed information. I needed the inside scoop. I needed information nobody wanted me to have.

NARRATOR: When I get in that kind of jam, there’s only one person I can trust to give me the answer. The one man who knows everything that goes on in this city.

OFF-PANEL VOICE: Shoe-shine, mister?

JAKE NERO: Hello, Goggles.

NARRATOR: The shoe-shine man.

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