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An Unexpected Assignment

Comic Transcript

THE BOSS: The market is changing, Alice. Once it was enough to control the operating system–control the operating system, control the userbase–but the only company capable of pulling that off today is Apple. And even they are showing strain from the effort.

THE BOSS: We’re trying to compete in markets with companies who already have footholds in them. We’re looking at this entirely the wrong way. We need to focus on a market that doesn’t appear to connect to any of the markets that already exist, but that will ultimately consume them all.

ALICE: What market is that?

THE BOSS: I don’t know. You have two days to tell me.

ALICE: What? But I–

THE BOSS: I look forward to evaluating your recommendations. Do not disappoint me.


THE BOSS: I feel the beginnings of disappointment.

ALICE: I gotta go.

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