The Uniform Makes The Man

Comic Transcript


MARK: Well, it’s good to be clean again. But where are my clothes?

MILITARY POLICEMAN: They’re being washed. You were in them for three weeks straight. We’ve given you a standard-issue uniform that you’ll be asked to wear for the duration of the mission.

MARK: Huh. You guys know I’m a civilian, right?

MILITARY POLICEMAN: Oh, we know. The jacket is embedded with RFID technology that will identify you and provide you access to the need-to-know restricted resources within the complex.

MARK: So all a bad guy has to do is knock me out and take my jacket to get access to all the ultra top secret stuff in this project?

MILITARY POLICEMAN: No, he’d also have to learn the location of the complex, breach complex security without being detected, lure you away from the completely self-contained mini-facility within this facility — where you will be until the completion of this project — find a part of the complex that isn’t being monitored by security, and THEN knock you out and steal your jacket.

MARK: OK, fine. I’m ready to go.


MARK: What?

MILITARY POLICEMAN: I am struggling to overcome the urge to cut your hair.

MARK: I get that a lot.

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