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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: Somewhere in an undisclosed location

(Phone ringing.)

SHADOWY FIGURE: Hello? Oh, hello Emily. yes, I was expecting his call… you can put him through. Yes, he’s cleared.

SHADOWY FIGURE: Mr. Bunny! I wish we could be talking under more pleasant circumstances. yes, we received your information and were able to confirm it. Steve Jobs’ ego is re-entering the world. After discussing our options with my staff, and conferring with the President, we’ve decided we’re going to activate the Omega Protocols.

SHADOWY FIGURE: Not long now. The latest reports from our analysts are starting to concern us.

SHADOWY FIGURE: Panicking? No, it’s worse than that I’m afraid. they’re starting to add phrases like “but this is the really cool part” in their briefings.

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