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Taking The Price

Comic Transcript

LEFTY: My employers have a bone to pick with you, Barry.

BARRY: They do?

LEFTY: They had a real good thing going, see. And from what I hear, you’re doing everything you can to mess things up.

BARRY: … I don’t know what you’re talking about.

LEFTY: I’m talking about action, Barry. Playing the odds. Placing a wager. Betting.

BARRY: I don’t gamble.

LEFTY: My employers do. They look at every piece of software Ubersoft has ever released, measure the amount of hype surrounding them and the enthusiasm generated because of that hype, and then they bet that the level of customer frustration and discontent that comes out trying to use the software will equal the hype and excitement surrounding it.

LEFTY: It’s been profitable for the last twenty years. A reliable source of income upon which my employers have come to rely. One might even call it a staple source of revenue.

BARRY: That’s an interesting tactic.

LEFTY: So imagine their dismay when they hear a rumor that your latest operating system actually works.

BARRY: Oh, right. Sorry about that.

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