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Implausible Deniability

Comic Transcript

JIM WASHINGTON: In a recent ruling in the SCO v Uniqque legal battle over ownership of the UNIX and Unixware copyrights, a Federal Judge handed down a decisive victory to Uniqque, granting them full ownership and ordering SCO to pay Uniqque for any unpaid licensing fees. While many view this as a fatal blow to SCO and a huge victory to both Uniqque and the Linux market, a SCO spokesman disagreed.

SCO SPOKESMAN (on viewscreen): Everything is fine. Everything is just fine. We don’t anticipate that this ruling will affect our short-term business plans at all. Not one bit. Not even a little bit.

JIM WASHINGTON: The spokesman was, however, reluctant to elaborate.


NEWS TICKERTAPE: “What has been is what will be, what has been done is what will be done,and there is nothing new under the sun — special report at 11”

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