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The Real Motto, Revealed

Comic Transcript

SCOTT: So you’re going to use Google to try to locate Alex, Monk and Mark?

KING: Yeah, we’re on the beta program for their new GPS service.

SCOTT: “Global Positioning System?”

KING: “Google Personnel Search.” It lets companies keep track of their employees.

SCOTT: Wait… Ubersoft is on a Google beta program?

KING: Sounds strange, I know… we are competitors, after all, but the Boss feels that beta testing their software is an act of professional courtesy.

SCOTT: Of what?

KING: You know. One evil corporation to another, expanding the base of evil in the world, that sort of thing.

SCOTT: But Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil.”

KING: That’s their OFFICIAL motto. Hold on, I’ll log into the beta site and you can see their REAL motto.

SCOTT: “Don’t be evil: enable it.”

KING: They’re pioneers in the field of evil as a service industry.

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