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An Unusual Admission

An Unusual Admission

Comic Transcript

HENRY: You’d better have a good reason for calling me out here this early in the morning.

ALEX’S COMPUTER: Filthy beast.

ALEX: Our license verification software seems to think my computer is running a pirated version of Nifty Doorways.

HENRY: Oh. Well, you probably are.

ALEX’S COMPUTER: You should be ashamed.

ALEX: Excuse me?

HENRY: We haven’t paid for any of our software since the late 70s.

ALEX’S COMPUTER: Does your mother know you steal?

ALEX: Really?

HENRY: Well it’s our software, isn’t it? Paying ourselves DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

ALEX’S COMPUTER: I’m calling the cops.

ALEX: It makes more sense right now than it would have yesterday.

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