Deliberate Evasion

Deliberate Evasion
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: I don’t think you’re going to get a better explanation of the .NIT platform than the one you have right now, Mark. Most people here aren’t going to be willing to explain it in any kind of detail.

MARK: Well why not? I mean they TOLD me to write the documentation…

ALEX: They probably want you to document the individual tools that make up .NIT, but the beauty of .NIT is that we never gave anyone the big picture in the first place.

MARK: What do you mean?

ALEX: I mean all we did was announce the .NIT strategy and list a few bullet points. We let the press speculate on what it all meant and nodded whenever they came up with a particularly good idea.

MARK: You’re serious.

ALEX: Oh yes. These days everyone thinks they know exactly what .NIT is, and anyone who buys into it is convinced it was designed to enable them to do whatever work they were doing when they decided to buy it.


MARK: I have the single most useless job in this company.

ALEX: I believe that honor belongs to Quality Assurance.

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