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Comic Transcript

MONK: Have you noticed that management and legal have been in meetings all week? Seems serious.

ALEX: Oh, it’s just about that PIRATE act.

MONK: That what?

ALEX: Some law the RIAA wants passed that gives the federal government the right to file civil suits as well as federal charges against copyright infringers.

MONK: Huh?

ALEX: If the Department of Justice decides to have you arrested on criminal charges of software piracy they can also sue you.

MONK: So… are we for that or against it?

ALEX: I don’t think we know yet. On the one hand it strengthens our Intellectual Property claims, and means we can use the government to enforce those claims for us.

MONK: And on the other hand?

ALEX: If the government sues someone, I don’t think we get any of the money.

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