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An Unsettling Conclusion

An Unsettling Conclusion
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Comic Transcript

BOSS: Remember when I split myself into three beings, Alex?

ALEX: You were showing Monk why you weren’t worried about the Department of Justice possibly breaking up Ubersoft.

BOSS: That is correct. And then my other two selves did exactly what I would have done in their position. They turned on me and attempted to usurp my position.

BOSS: I thought they had simply faded away over time… instead, they went off and formed their own empires. It was only a matter of time before we crossed paths again…

ALEX: Wait a minute.

ALEX: The copies you made of yourself didn’t fade away?

BOSS: That is correct.

ALEX: Then that means there are still two other Binky-clones running around unaccounted for as well.

BOSS: I hardly see the –

ALEX: I need to take a sick day, Boss. Or maybe a week. Or month…

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