Double-Blind Development, Part Eight

Double-Blind Development, Part Eight
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Comic Transcript

ALEX: Well, the lights are back on.

MARK: Phil managed to debug his mystery program.

ALEX: Oh? Do we know what it does yet?

MARK: I don’t –

PHIL: Yes, I figured out what it does.

ALEX: What does it do?

PHIL: It is a rather nasty piece of Digital Rights Management software.

PHIL: Basically, it looks for any media you’re storing on your computer that you are not authorized to use, and removes it without warning.

MARK: How did you figure this out?

PHIL: Oh… it wiped out every mp3 we’ve been storing on our machines for the last five years.


PHIL: But I think I’m dealing with it quite well. Hey, is that window made of safety glass?

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