Ethical Sabotage

Ethical Sabotage

SCOTT: Boss, I’ve decided that it’s more important to set Ubersoft on the straight and narrow than it is to retain my own sense of goodness. If becoming an evil genius is what’s required to get the job done, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

BOSS: I expected that, and have prepared for it.

SCOTT: What do you mean?

BOSS: If you truly have become evil, then you will realize that you will gain nothing from making Ubersoft a “good” company. And because you will not gain anything from it, it is ultimately a worthless goal to have.

SCOTT: Well…

BOSS: If, however, I were to offer you a ridiculously large sum of money to continue being “good,” your evil nature will immediately be inclined to accept, which will give your good nature the opportunity it needs to re-assert itself.


SCOTT: Curses.

BOSS: And, of course, your good nature will most likely refuse to take the bribe.

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