Snow Break

Snow Break

ALEX: That’s some snow we’ve been having, isn’t it?

MARK: What?

MONK: Yeah. Took me forever to get dug out.

ALEX: Me too?


MONK: What’s wrong?

MARK: Well, look, the majority of the companies this comic satirizes are located on the West Coast. All that snow hammered the EAST Coast.


MARK: So, I just assumed Ubersoft was located on the West Coast, too, to keep the satire as realistic as possible.

ALEX: Well, that’s a logical assumption, but because it snowed so much on the East Coast, the cartoonist decided to temporarily restructure our reality so we could work it into the strip. we’re now officially located on the East Coast, until he changes his mind.

MONK: You look upset.

MARK: I’m thousands of miles closer to a Krispy Kreme than I was yesterday, and nobody bothered to tell me.

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