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Bugging the Press

Bugging the Press
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Comic Transcript

TV PERSONALITY: Good evening, and welcome to another edition of “Meet the Computer Press.” I’m your host, and tonight we examine Ubersoft’s new “Bugs are Cool” PR Campaign.

TV PERSONALITY: With me int he studio tonight is Viktor Schreck, Ubersoft’s Chief Counsel, to explain the reasoning behind this admittedly bizarre campaign. Thank you for being with us tonight, Mr. Schreck.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: My pleasure.

TV PERSONALITY: Mr. Schreck, what are your thoughts on this new campaign?

VIKTOR SCHRECK: It’s an important statement of fact: the ability to identify a problem is considered admirable among ones peers. Struggling against adversity is ennobling. People who possess these qualities are “cool.”

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Therefore, by extension,people who find and deal with bugs on a day-to-day basis are “cool…” and the desire to BE “cool” encourages people to find bugs even in software where no bugs exist.


TV PERSONALITY: And how would you respond to people who claim that bugs are not “cool,” but “an annoying and ridiculous waste of time?”

VIKTOR SCHRECK: I would ask them which lunch table they sat at when they were in High School.

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