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End of Trial

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End of Trial
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Comic Transcript

JUDGE: After hearing this case, hearing your side, their side, both sides, hearing you yammer on and on about trivial matters and truly astoundingly annoying points of law, I’ve reached a verdict.

JUDGE: It’s obvious to me that, despite the obvious unfairness of it, and despite the fact that Ubersoft is CLEARLY abusing the law in this matter, Ubersoft still has the legal advantage, since the code is their property.

JUDGE: However, since they cannot exactly point to where this source code IS… and the location seems to have mysteriously vanished… it gives me great pleasure to dismiss all claims made by Ubersoft Corporation against the defendant due to lack of evidence.

VIKTOR SCHRECK: Your Honor, I’m very disappointed with your ruling.

JUDGE: And that, sir, is what makes it all worthwhile…

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