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The Devil Is In The Details

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The Devil is in the Details
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Comic Transcript

BOSS: Trudy, you are a respected peer in a profession overrun with poseurs. However, I cannot help you: I am a creature of pure evil. If I showed mercy I would betray the very dedication our craft demands of us. I’m sure that you understand why the care I put into my work forbids me from doing anything to save this company.

TRUDY: (Sighs.) I suppose I’d feel obligated to do the same thing. The burden of being evil, I suppose… the devil is in the details.

BOSS: Yes… the devil is in the details…

BOSS: That reminds me… he wanted me to tell you he misses you, and he wishes you’d call.

TRUDY: There’s a reason why I’m not speaking to him, and he jolly well knows what it is!

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