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Election Daze

Election Daze
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Comic Transcript

NARRATOR: November 7, 2000, 7:58PM

TELEVISION: We’ve been getting a steady stream of exit poll information, and our new modeling software is ready to give us a prediction of who has won the state of Florida.

NARRATOR: November 7, 2000, 7:59PM

TELEVISION: That’s right, Tom. The Ubersoft Election 2000 Data Modeler can gave up-to-the-minute predictions on who is winning what state and what district at what time.

NARRATOR: November 7, 2000, 8:00PM

TELEVISION: This just in… Al Gore wins Florida with 48% of the vote, George W. Bush trails with 32%, and “Binky the Cheerful Winking paperclip” was 20%.

ALEX: (Thinking) I think they’re going to need me at work.

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