Kernel Panic

A Failed Attempt at Reconciliation

A Failed Attempt at Reconciliation
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: Well, this is it. When we leave this office, we’ll be unemployed. And the Dork Squad will be running IT for NifTech.

ALAN: We need to take the high ground on this, guys. I know we’re all angry about being laid off, but we have to make sure we remain professional at all ti–

MARTY: Hey guys, my people are just about here and I just wanted to say before we kick you all out that I hope you know this is nothing personal. I’d hate to think there were any hard feelings.

ALAN: Marty, if you don’t get out of here right now I will cut you repeatedly with the jagged shards of a broken Ubuntu CD.

MARTY: What’s Ubuntu? Some kind of Nifty Doorways network administration tool?


MARTY: I’ll come back later.

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