Codes And Misdemeanors

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Comic Transcript

Google Corporate Headquarters)

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: Hey there, Scott. I hear you’re concerned about recent events.

SCOTT: A little, yeah. It’s about the Code of Conduct changes.

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: Ah. You’re upset about the forced arbitration clause that requires employees to present their case to K’thurrz’k, the goat-headed judge of the hell dimension of Duz.

SCOTT: No, that’s not it.

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: You object to the NDA on special projects being extended to include seven generations of descendants?

SCOTT: That’s really no different from Ubersoft’s NDA, so I’m kind of used to it.

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: Hmmm. The mandatory collection of hair, blood, and fingernail samples?

SCOTT: That one is genuinely creepy and disturbing, but not.

BLUE-ROBED-GOOGLE-EMPLOYEE: The reduced parking capacity in the employee parking lot?

SCOTT: No. Well, actually, yes.

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