Superhero Virtual Convention: Day One (Superhero Romances)

Superhero Virtual Con: Romance!
The moderator and panelists for SHVC Day One.

I’ve mentioned it on Twitter (a few times) but for some reason I never posted it here: is hosting a virtual conference about writing superhero fiction. Every day, Monday through Friday, it’s streaming a discussion panel at 6PM EST, each day a new topic. Today kicked the whole thing off, and it focused on one of the most popular versions of Superhero Fiction today: romance.

Don’t believe me? Just check Amazon. Check the top 10 listings in Superhero Fiction. Check the top 20 listings in Superhero Fiction. Check the top 100 listings in Superhero Fiction. Romance is the top seller in pretty much any fiction category you can think of, and Superhero Fiction is no exception to this rule.

Trish Heinrich moderated the panel, featuring Nancy O’Toole Meservier, Lana Pecherczyk, Franklin Kendrick, Amanda Cherry, and Christa Tomlinson. You can view the entire panel on YouTube.

There were a number of topics on the panel that I found interesting and thought-provoking. One of my favorite comments was when a panelist made the observation that a, ah, sex scene in a Superhero romance can have things in common with a fight scene in pretty much any kind of Superhero fiction. It reminded me of something I wrote a few years ago when I compared writing fight scenes to musical theater.

I enjoyed watching it. Tomorrow, I’m actually going to be on it, when I join my fellow panelists in discussing how we create super powers. And as the week progresses, I’ll be watching the other panels as they stream!

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