Superhero Fiction Virtual Convention: Day Two (Super Powers)

Superhero Virtual Con: Super Powers
The moderator and panelists for SFVC Day Two.

The Superhero Fiction Virtual Convention continued yesterday with a panel discussing how we create super powers in superhero fiction. I participated on this panel, along with Jeffrey H. Haskell (moderator), Samantha Bryant, Karen Diem, Michael C. Bailey, and Lucas Flint.

It was a blast. Discussion topics ranged from how we set the basic rules for powers in a story universe, to how we tie powers to characters, and wrapped up with a discussion about passive and active representations of powersets given to female characters in the 70s and 80s. I managed to avoid my greatest fear, which was the danger of me being unable to shut up an stepping all over anyone else trying to speak.

You can view the entire thing on YouTube.

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