Curveball Issue 36: The Titan’s Shadow


  1. Wow. Not to intimidate you, but I look forward to the next update…

    That said, I see you’re updating other things too. That’s also a good thing.

  2. There’s one arc left. Right now I’m in the middle of editing Issues 25-36 to put them in the Curveball Year 3 book. Once that’s finished I’ll start on “Year Four.” I put that in quotes because I don’t think it’s going to be a full 12 issues… but I could be wrong.

  3. Part 34: Aftermath, paragraph 13, first sentence: “The sound of jets roar through the air”: The subject of this sentence is “sound”, not “jets”, so “roar” should be “roars”. Yes, I’m re-reading parts of the saga, longing for the next exciting episode. Tempted to ask when we’ll see it, but understanding that it will be when it will be.

  4. Part 23, paragraph 40 (?) beginning “They resume their descent.” Second sentence has an “it’s” that should be “its”. Blame it on autocorrect, it does that to me sometimes.

  5. Part Twenty Eight: Haruspex Analytics, Below

    “Alishia gains a little altitude to bring herself above the writing cables, then activates the reserved channel.”

    “Writing” should probably be “writhing” (unless the cables are making runes, which I suppose is possible).

  6. Found this story the yesterday on TV tropes. Awesome stuff a fair bit of the story works on expies of comic book characters but it works for this story. Very easy to visualizer this as a comic book. Looking forward and hoping for the next issue.

  7. Thank you for your comments! The only expy I can really think of is Liberty, since he was a deliberate knockoff of Captain America, right down to the super serum. Though you can make a case for Regiment/Superman, I guess. And Gladiator/Iron Man.

    Well, and I guess David Bernard could be seen as based on Doctor Strange, right down to his “injury forces him to stop pursuing his current career” and it’s even worked into the story as a joke.

    So, ok, fair # of expies in the story. 😀

  8. Never mind all the [-] company lawyers that are pretty much a straight copy…

    Sure, only mentioned in passing, but still.

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