Curveball Issue 35: City of Knives, City of Glass

City of Knives, City of Glass

Story: C. B. Wright | Cover: Jamie Robertson | Logo: Garth Graham


  1. I love this story, ngl, but I do not have a single clue as to what in the flying **** happened with all the Bernard stuff right there.

  2. Both? I think it was good, I just suck at visualizing, so the Bernard segments in the other realm didn’t really land with me.

  3. It made sense to me…

    Typo patrol: “the feint braying of donkeys” should be “faint.”

  4. Can pyramids have more than 3 or 4 sides? If so, no worries. If not, perhaps “prism” instead of “pyramid” for the 13-sided objects in part 7?

  5. I’m writing issue 36 but it’s going to be huge and it’s going very slowly. The most honest answer I have is “I’m working on it.”

  6. No, I am actively writing Issue 36 – Patreon subscribers have seen drafts of Parts One through Four so far. But it’s taking a lot longer than I’d like.

  7. Progress stalled a bit when I hurt my shoulder (partial rotator cuff tear, something with the ligament) but I’m trying for progress tonight!

  8. I hope your shoulder heals quickly and you can get back to work soon. I’ve just binge-read this whole story, and…. WOW. Just WOW. More, please, and soon??

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