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Comic Transcript

A: Try to have a joke ready this time.

B: Nevermind that — we’re really close to actually talking about NFTs. The last piece to understand is “on-chain” and “off-chain” transactions in blockchain.

A: You said that on-chain was something stored directly in the blockchain, and off-chain was when only metadata was stored.

B: Nevermind what I said. I based that on an article that wasn’t very clear. That’s not what off-chain is. It’s kind of close, but a little different.

A: So yesterday’s explanation was wrong.

B: It was wrong… ish.

A: “Wrongish?”

B: Technically wrong, though moving in the right direction. Mostly.

A: The kind of wrong that could wind up costing someone ridiculous sums of money?

B: I can’t think of a single scenario where that could happen, so probably yes.

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