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Comic Transcript

B: We’re almost there! There are two important things to know about blockchain: first, you can’t actually edit a blockchain – you can only add to it.

A: Isn’t adding to a blockchain editing it?

B: … well, OK, yes. What I meant to say is you can’t edit something that has already been added to the blockchain. You can only add new things to the blockchain.

A: Wait. So what if the thing recorded in the blockchain is no longer true? Like, the blockchain says I own a thing, and then I give you the thing?

B: Then we add a new entry to the blockchain saying “A gave B the thing.” When you go through the blockchain in chronological order, you’ll see that first you had the thing, then you gave it to me.

A: Hmph.

B: Second, there are two ways to store information in a blockchain, called “on-chain” and “off-chain.”

B: “On-chain” is when you load an entire thing on to a blockchain. Like a document, for example. “Off-chain” is when you load metadata describing a thing to the blockchain.


A: So where’s the joke?

B: No joke. Just blockchain stuff.

A: This is a webcomic. There has to be a joke.

B: I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t have a joke ready yet.

A: You have to think of something!

B: I could maybe spin this into how I have off-chain metadata of an IP address pointing to a remotely hosted joke but someone turned off the hosting server and the IP doesn’t resolve, but I’d have to finish explaining blockchain first.


A: That’s not funny.


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Andy Konecny 28 December 2021 at 5:52 PM

Its funny to me, but then I know just enough about blockchain to easily follow that grow to infinity chains
that I wonder when those chains just get too long for parts of the system to handle.

notStanley 29 December 2021 at 12:11 PM

One of those solutions in search of a problem?


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