Kernel Panic

Flashback or Denial

Flashback or Denial
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Comic Transcript

ALAN: Jack, why is an oversized paperclip standing in your office winking at you?

JACK: I’m tryin’ to figure that out myself.

BINKY: Heya, old scary Linux guy!

ALAN: Jack, why is an oversized paperclip standing your office winking at you and TALKING to you?

JACK: Oh, I get it now. Wow, this hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

ALAN: What hasn’t happened to you?

JACK: Flashback.

ALAN: Jack, you can’t be having a flashback if I’m seeing exactly the same thing you are.

JACK: I dunno, man, my college days were pretty interesting.

BINKY: You look like you’re clinging to a state of denial! Can I help?

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