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A: Cheerful greeting brimming with barely-constrained excitement and enthusiasm!

B: ...cautious return greeting, full of suspicion and vague dread.

A: Announcement of upcoming event that sounds ridiculous, impossible, and extremely dangerous.

B: Immediate attempt to explain that the vent appears ridiculous, impossible, and extremely dangerous.

A: Blithe dismissal of warning, followed up with partial explanation that suggests something is terribly wrong.

B: Question intended to highlight the absurdity of the explanation.

A: Second partial explanation that, when placed in context with the first, indicates an over-literal interpretation of langauge.

B: Attempt top lace comment in the abstract context in which it was obviously intended.

A: Silent contemplation.

B: Silent, hopeful waiting.

A: Enthusiastic declaration making it apparent the explanation has had no effect whatsoever!

B: General statement of self-loathing.

I would like to be sleepier than I am right now.


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