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A: So if your entirely logical and fairly reasonable explanation of NFTs isn’t actually the way NFTs are being used, how are they actually being used?

B: Well first of all, the kinds of NFTs you keep hearing about these days use the Etherium blockchain, not Bitcoin.

A: Wait, what? Then why did you keep talking about Bitcoin in all your previous examples?

B: Because everyone’s heard of Bitcoin. It’s easier to explain cryptocurrency concepts without also having to explain what Etherium is.

A: Why don’t you just say “if Bitcoin is like a US dollar, Etherium is like the Euro?”

B: Because it’s not — I mean, there’s more to it than — actually, that’s not a bad analogy.

A: While we’re on the subject, what the heck is Dogecoin?

B: Using your analogy, an Emperor Norton Monetary Note.