NaNoWriMo Update: Nine Days In

Nine days in to NaNoWriMo… how am I doing so far?

It’s a mixed bag. I’m actually ahead in my word count (I dropped behind on the 6th because Election night is terribly exciting–even during non-Presidential election years I tend to find them far too distracting for me to write productively) but I set myself a number of goals for this year:

  • Write NaNoWriMo
  • Do a comic a day M-F
  • Publish a chapter of The Points Between a week
  • Do a podcast for each new chapter of The Points Between
  • Get Curveball Issue Five out on time

So far I’ve managed to keep up with NaNoWriMo. However, I only published three comics this week, and I didn’t get a new chapter of The Points Between out this week–which means I didn’t do a podcast either. I still have a shot at Issue Five.

It wasn’t an easy set of goals I set out for myself. Doing NaNoWriMo alone is difficult enough. Still, I’m disappointed it’s fallen apart so early. I’m chalking it up to a tumultuous first week–hopefully the last three will go more smoothly.

How’s it going for the rest of you?

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