The Points Between Playlist

I tend to write to music. In fact, I like to create playlists specifically tailored to the story I am writing. Since I’ve already posted the playlist for Pay Me, Bug!, I figured I should do the same for The Points Between.

Pay Me, Bug!‘s playlist was pretty simple and direct, and I would play it straight through in order the whole time I was writing. The Points Between is a little different. Depending on my mood, I will start with one of three songs, but the entire list is always randomized, so each time I write I’m listening to a slightly different set.

I suppose some of the music I chose might be considered a little spoilerish, so… if that would bother you, don’t keep reading.

When I start writing I open with one of the three songs below:

Johnny Cash
The Man Comes Around

Lyle Lovett
Icewater/Flyswatter Blues

Airport Song

After that the list automatically jumps to a random track and continues from there. Here’s the rest of the list, which plays in no particular order:

Big Sky

The Dismemberment Plan
Time Bomb

Robyn Hitchcock
Mr. Rock ‘N’Roll
The Philosophers Stone
Judas Sings (Jesus and Me)
I Often Dream of Trains
The Abandoned Brain
Chinese Bones
A Globe Of Frogs
Arms of Love
The Wreck of the Arthur Lee
Goodnight I Say
The Fly
Never Stop Bleeding
Lady Waters & The Hooded One
The Black Crow Knows
Cynthia Mask
Queen Elvis
Linctus House
Glass Hotel

Prayer for the Dying

Robert Jansen
My Oasis

Lyle Lovett
If I Had a Boat
Simple Song
In my Own Mind
She’s Already made Up Her Mind
North Dakota
The Fat Girl
moon on my Shoulder
Just the Morning
Old Friend

Kate Rusby
I Am Stretched On Your Grave

Johnny Cash
I Walk The Line
Hung My Head

Dead Can Dance
Garden of the Arcand Delights: Carnival of Light
Garden of the Arcane Delights: In Power We Entrust tthe Love Advocated
Garden of the Arcane Delights: The Arcane
Gardne of th Arcane Delights: Flowers of the Sea
yulunga [Spirit Dance]
Tell Me About the Forest (You Once Called Home)
The Spider’s Stratagem

So there it is, the musical backdrop for The Points Between.

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