Starting Today… The Points Between

As mentioned last week, today, on the anniversary of Charles Williams’ birth, I start publishing a novel that was inspired by his writing. Chapter One of The Points Between is now up and ready to go.

The Points Between will update every Tuesday, with a podcast to follow on Wednesday. Pay Me, Bug! will continue to update every Wednesday, with a podcast to follow on Thursday, until the final chapter is posted on October 19, the final podcast is posted on October 20, and the world is destroyed by fire on October 21.

… on the off chance the world isn’t destroyed by fire on October 21, I will continue to publish The Points Between until it’s conclusion sometime in 2012. Then I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do next.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s certainly different in tone and style from Pay Me, Bug!, and there’s no guarantee that I can pull it off… and even if I do, there’s no guarantee that if you enjoyed one you’ll enjoy the other. It’s a risk.

Like Pay Me, Bug!, I’ve given The Points Between individual RSS feeds where you can subscribe to just the story, or just the podcasts. The feeds are accessible in the right column on the front page.

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