The “PCtown” storyline in Help Desk has become something of a problem.

Help Desk is supposed to be a Monday through Friday comic. In theory. This deadline is iffy on the best of days; add more complicated art and it becomes nearly impossible unless I spend all day drawing. The birth of my daughter combined with the need to get a paying job has made that kind of time pretty much impossible.

These days my free time comes in short bursts — an hour here, a half hour there, scattered throughout the day. This time can still be put to good use, but it requires a little shuffling of resources.

Template-driven clipart to the rescue: I can create a standard Help Desk comic in half an hour on the outside, once I think of a punchline, and I don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer to do that. So it’s in the best interest of the site to return to that format. But I don’t want to stop PCtown… I’m rather fond of the story, and I haven’t got to any of the good stuff yet. But the only way I’m going to be able to keep telling the story is if I work on the art in bits in pieces over time, which will slow down the publication of each piece a fair amount.

Solution: fork PCtown from Help Desk and run it as a separate comic until it’s finished. This will allow the site to return to its regular update schedule while also allowing me to keep plugging away at the Jake Nero storyline, all the while keeping the website free of cobwebs.

Of course, some of you might take this opportunity to remind me that Kernel Panic is sadly neglected and is also in need of updates. To which I say: well played, gentle reader. Well played.

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