Calling All Doctor Who Fans

Anyone who is a fan of the Doctor Who BBC Television Series needs to take a look at Rich’s ComixBlog. Rich has been writing a truly jaw-droppingly good fanfic comic featuring all ten incarnations of the Doctor since March 10, 2007. I can’t begin to tell you how good it is. He’s managed to do justice to every version of the Doctor I’ve seen on TV (I’ve seen a little of Doctor #2, a fair number of Doctors #3-6, a few of #7, all of #9 and #10 that have been made available in the US to date), both in the way they’re drawn and in the way they’re characterized. I’m especially fond of the day he’s been writing Doctor #6 (the version played by Colin Baker — I always felt like that version was under-appreciated during its run).

Anyway, I can’t recommend it enough. It starts here and is still ongoing.

It’s definitely worth a read.

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