And Now, Free Stuff

Let’s start out 2013 with me giving you something for nothing.

For your enjoyment and/or consideration: Curveball Issue One in PDF, .epub, and .mobi format.

The PDF version is pretty well suited for display on your average laptop or desktop computer. The .epub file should be compatible with any non-Kindle reader or app (though the cover doesn’t show up on recent version of the Aldiko player for some reason). The .mobi file should work on any Kindle reader or app.

If you’ve never read any of this, and you’re curious, help yourself. If you have but never bothered with any of the ebook versions, help yourself. Help yourself for pretty much any reason you like–or, conversely, if you’re not interested ignore this entirely!

I do have one small request.

If you read it, and you like it, please consider making a copy of it and making that copy available to someone else. Everything I do is published using a Creative Commons License, and the license allows anyone to copy and distribute my work non-commercially, so it’s perfectly legal for you to do so.[efn_notes]This even includes the things you buy. Technically, if you really wanted to, you could photocopy every page of the trade paperback of Pay Me, Bug! and hand those copies out to random people on the street. I don’t recommend it, though. At 352 pages, multiple copies would get expensive pretty quickly.[/efn_notes] The biggest obstacle to projects like these is getting people to know that they exist, and I don’t have many resources on hand to do that. I don’t have much of an advertising budget, or any sponsors, or any big organizations invested in my success. Given the idiocy some other fiction writers engaged in over the last year (which I described in detail in one of my favorite essays, “I finally Found a Compelling Argument against Self-Publishing“) the only reliable form of “advertisement” that I have is word of mouth.

So… if you enjoy it, please let other people know. Add it to a torrent site. Or an ebook/pdf/mobi aggregate site. Or something of that nature. Or give a copy to a friend you think would enjoy it.[efn_notes]Don’t, you know, spam people about it or anything. That won’t help anyone.[/efn_notes] Telling me you like what I do is an enormous ego boost, and I love hearing it, but telling other people you like something I do is probably the best way to help me continue to do it.

… and if, after reading it, you decide it’s an egregious pile of dreck, feel free to harass me about it. Fair’s fair.

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