Pay Me, Bug!: Introduction

C. B. Wright

Grif Vindh, captain of the Fool’s Errand, just pulled off the job of a lifetime: against all odds, he and his crew smuggled a rare drug out of one of the most secret and secure facilities the Empire of the Radiant Throne has to offer. It was every smuggler’s dream — the “Big Score” — and they find themselves filthy rich as a result.

Nobody knows how he did it, and that suits him just fine… until their good fortune attracts exactly the wrong kind of attention. The Radiant Throne, desperate to know how their security was so easily thwarted, send one of their best to track him down and learn the truth… by any means necessary. Meanwhile, the Alliance of Free Worlds has been trying to break into that very same facility, without success, so they conscript Grif to do it for them.

Once again, Grif and his crew must perform the impossible: break in, steal something so secret their employers don’t really know what it is, and get away clean.

Along the way, they’ll have to deal with deadly spies, psychotic telepaths, vicious cyborgs, inconvenient family ties… and a hyperintelligent bug who always bets against its captain.

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