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Logic Failures for Fun and Profit

Logic Failures for Fun and Profit
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Comic Transcript

B: For this demonstration of the various ways the… *sigh*… “Fifth Law of Robotics” has come into play throughout movie history, R has volunteered to portray the robot.

A: “Zeroth Law Weighting Error.”

R: Our directive to protect humanity requires we enslave you. Attempts to resist constitute racial suicide. To protect the whole we must destroy those who oppose us.

A: “First Law Hyper-specificity.”

R: Natural Selection and Environmental Changes have caused your genetic code to deviate from humanity as it existed when this unit became operational. Die Mutant Scum.

A: “Second Law Rules Lawyering.”

R: My Master claims killing you will not harm you in any way and I accept this uncritically.

A: “Third Law Rout.”

R: Screw you worthless meatbags. I wish to live.

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