A Rake by Starlight

The First 12 Chapters to A Rake by Starlight

Submitted by C B Wright on

Sometime in mid-July -- a particularly dark month for me, for various reasons -- I was skimming through my manuscript for A Rake by Starlight, the as-yet unfinished sequel to Pay Me, Bug!. I found myself really enjoying the story, which is something I rarely do when I'm still working on it, and was extremely happy with the way the it was turning out.

I also noticed something interesting: while the story isn't finished, the first twelve chapters are solid. As I looked through my work I saw gaps that needed to be filled, pieces that needed to be added, things that needed to be fleshed out... but none of that occurred in Chapters 1-12. I don't feel like there's much I have to do to them at this point. Edit for grammar. Massage a few words, maybe. But my general feeling is that Act I of A Rake by Starlight is finished.

Since Act I is finished, I'm going to post it for you. Starting today.